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Aug 9, 2020

Blockchain boosts for science

ILCOIN Development team

The science of blockchain is complex and often times very ethereal. It is not the simplest thing to understand. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most out of it, even if we don’t fully understand it. In fact, there is an argument to be made that science itself could be one of the industries that could benefit from it the most.

As this pandemic continues to dictate our lives through 2020 we find ourselves asking, what could have been done? How could we have solved this issue faster? Though blockchain technology itself can’t cure illness, using it as a tool for communication and development of a cure.

One of the issues that holds back development in the world we live in is that of centralization. It is inescapable, governments want to feel in charge and big companies can’t afford to lose their precious profits. Though this does create a healthy sense of competition to create more, better and more efficiently, it also obstructs us from progressing at a faster rate. If you think about it, the whole reason things got out of hand so fast was because of the suppression of the news of its spread by the Chinese government. Had we known about this terrible crisis from before, we could have at least braced a little more before it hit. Now that the virus is at the state that it is, the only thing we can do is share data that will lead us to an eventual cure.

The problem is that pharmaceuticals and the medical sector is largely corporatized, which means that even if a drug was developed, they would want to keep the contents quiet. That is until they can patent it and sell it to other countries for profit. All this while people wait in panic till this terrible affliction subsides. None of this would be the case if we worked along a peer-to-peer network. Using blockchain we can keep vital data protected from outside actors and share essential information in the blink of an eye. Clinical trial results, number of cases and spread rate, and of course, the eventual cure and prevention medicine. I’ll say again that this won’t solve the problem but it would surely speed up the process of getting there.

And this fact is true for the whole scientific sector across the globe. Progress moves faster when we work together, there is no question behind that and the greatest feats of science came as a collaborative effort. Blockchain technology is a computer science that encourages the coming together of people internationally. It provides security and a space for exchange without fear of losing your data in any way. As an idea is uploaded to chain, time signatures guarantee the original creator is recorded and others can analyze, asses and develop onto that idea. Keeping everything saved and stored on the chain can bring people together and help good ideas grow, with the need for people to even know who they are communicating with. Blockchain technology can bring the scientists of the world to a singular database of ideas for a shared laboratory, on chain.

If you think about, this system for exchanging ideas could bring about a new age of scientific discovery. Decentralization of the scientific community could mean that difficult problems could be solved faster and with less worry over profits and other corporate obstacles. Development of new technology, like blockchain, could grow as rapidly as the technology of blockchain has over the past ten years. Pandemics like the coronavirus could be something of the past if we were to live in a world where scientists share their data freely and without limitation.

There is no doubt as to the great benefits that blockchain could bring to the scientific community. But even beyond that, the technology has already shown its potential for business purposes, why not science? With so many systems currently available, it could be just a matter of time now before a system devoted entirely to science could be developed and implemented into the mainstream culture. With that in place, new gadgets, medicines and theories could be developed and tested at twice the speed so that we can take advantage of their awesome uses.

In these days of great insecurity, we need a system that has been proven to work and is open to the people of the world. We cannot allow business to get in the way of our safety and wellbeing any longer, that’s why we need to adopt blockchain for science soon and start working towards a world where science can be decentralized for good. Only in this way can we progress without obstacle and rocket into a world of scientific development that we have never seen before. That would be great for anyone involved and we could all benefit from its results.

Coronavirus aside, it would be a great achievement to decentralize science, more profits for scientist who create and faster development of the things we need as people of the world. Who knows what could come next? Could anyone have really predicted how big blockchain has gotten? The needs of the world are changing and growing and we need to be able to keep up with those needs, blockchain can help us get to that place and further than that. We can have all this and more, so that we can be better prepared and advance at a far faster rate.

So just as with business, blockchain can have a huge effect on the world of science. As a computer system that has developed at such a rapid pace, science seems like the obvious next choice for blockchain to be implemented and we hope that in whatever form, it does grow in that direction. For cures and creations, theories and tests, blockchain can lead the way.

There is a feeling around the world that we need to move past the way we live today and into something more effective. Blockchain was a vital part of the evolution of computer technology and it can be a vital part of our evolution as a species. For science at least, this could be a great opportunity to get to the next step faster.

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