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Jul 2, 2020

The Next Level of VR Games

ILCOIN Development team

Here at the ILCoin Blockchain Project, we are always excited to bring new and incredible innovations to our users. This year, we are ready to bring you a heap of new surprises for all your ILCoin needs! We are proud to innovate the future of blockchain technology and usage because that is who we are.

Many of our hardcore fans know that as we progress with developing our blockchain system, we have dedicated time to creating amazing games based on our blockchain as well as decentralization to keep our users entertained. This year we are going one step further. We are introducing to our fan base our first ILCoin-based VR game; the first ever of its kind.

After the release of our breakout game Age of ILCoin, many of our players were eager for more. Age of ILCoin — a retro-stylized tower defense game — offered hours of gripping gameplay and an exciting opportunity to use your ILCoin in game as well as earn ILCoin from gameplay. If you haven’t yet tried Age of ILCoin, we highly suggest it because it really is good fun. In this new VR game, Age of ILCoin: Retribution, you can enter a whole new level of gaming with an immersive virtual reality stint in our fantastic alien world. Cruise outer space as you repel the alien invaders out from your solar system and fight in an interstellar faceoff.

Age of ILCoin: Retribution is free-to-play game just like our first game release. But this time, we thought we would shake it up a little. It’s all pure fun because we really wanted to give all our users a chance to get involved and have a good time together. You can continue your journey through the Age of ILCoin universe now like never before in a virtual reality environment with all of the action and excitement of the first game; with more interaction and new adventures to embark on.

This is the first time ever that a blockchain-based game comes to the VR platform, and we are pleased to be the ones to bring it to our fans. You can become part of a whole new technology; binding together awesome gameplay in virtual reality and blockchain technology for an experience that is totally unique. Naturally, we’re keeping all of the amazing and interesting characters that you have come to know and love from our original Age of ILCoin game, but now you can surround yourself in the ILCoin universe and fight for the land you defended the first time ‘round. Explosive new gameplay, greater interaction and missions that are out of this world! How can anyone pass this up?

Sticking with our innovational roots, we have ventured into this new world to test out the true capacity of blockchain technology and bring a state-of-the-art game to our users for an experience which is unique to the blockchain industry. We build these games in the same way that we build our blockchain: looking forward with great ambition. This is our most recent step in the gaming world and we want to provide anyone getting involved in it with the most complexity, intricacy and excellent gaming experience that we have built thus far.

How soon can you experience the ILCoin VR universe? Our team has been hard at work developing this game since last year and after all this time are almost ready to release it to the public. We are planning for early September of video gaming fun. For anyone interested, our game will be released on PC. Keep an eye out for the game through our social media platforms and on our ILCoin page:

The joys of shooting alien invaders, completing missions and visiting different extraterrestrial environments now all come in a virtual reality experience. We want our games to mirror our blockchain because we know that innovative approaches are what our audience have come to expect from us and we think that this is an excellent place to take it to the next level. From this summer, you can get involved whether you have been with us from the start or are just beginning. We have something for everyone; all this and more as the year continues on.

What else is new with our team? Well, other than building the blockchain of the future, we are planning the third part of the Age of ILCoin saga. More information will become available once we have a good part of it together, but we are looking at a release for the third game in the spring of 2021. Recently, we’ve been caught up in this great new game because we know how excited our followers are about this next release. We are excited too because never before has the world had access to virtual reality, cryptocurrency and aliens all at the same time. So, let the games begin!

This is one of our proudest accomplishments this year, and we are so happy to share it with you now. Age of ILCoin was such a success in our eyes that there was no way we could resist bringing you the second — and later a third — installment. The fact that it incorporates VR technology is just the icing on the cake for us. Stay tuned!

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