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Jan 27, 2020

New job opportunities in the blockchain market

ILCOIN Development team

Blockchain has exploded recently as the new technology that is going to change the world and though there have been some less than extraordinary results with some of the companies creating the technology, the effects it has had on employment are staggering.

In this past decade, employment has been shaky to say the least, some jobs have become obsolete, companies have gone out of business and generally for most people, we’ve gone into a financial lull. Big tech and software innovations saw a huge boost in the 90s thanks to companies like Microsoft and Apple. Programs like Facebook and Whatsapp continued to carry that flame with the rise of smartphone technology so within this respect, this sector has continued to see sustained growth. But not all of us live in Silicon Valley and now that these companies have developed a name for themselves it has become an elites’ club with an exclusivity barrier mainly catering to in house promotions and a who-knows-who employment policies.

Blockchain is the new big thing on the market and the risk of becoming an insiders’ game isn’t as big an issue as it is with large tech companies these days. The evolution of blockchain has been long and gradual, and the continued innovation of technology is at the core of the industry’s needs. New blockchains and cryptocurrencies are being thought up and put together every day, this has created the consistent need for new employees in a diverse array of jobs. Here are some of the kinds of jobs that the blockchain market has created a need for.

Marketing managers

With so many different coins being created over the years, one of the larger issues for blockchain companies is the need to stand out in a crowded field. Some companies can do this through having a breakout technology that changes the way we look at the industry altogether, but these occurrences are uncommon and can easily go unnoticed. The other way to get noticed is through marketing, heavy marketing. Companies are bringing in people with an understanding of the technology, but also a strong knowledge of how to sell a product. Without usage, a cryptocurrency isn’t worth very much no matter how useful and innovative as a crypto may be. To this end, marketing managers are in high demand to further push the coins being offered.


For most people this is more of a ‘self-employed’ type of working environment rather than a salaried position. When Bitcoin started getting big and coins were still easily available, a person could mine a couple coins a week and watch the price of those coins rise steadily for a nice payday. Nowadays Bitcoin is more of a corporate game, with companies in China and elsewhere owning whole factories just to mine coins for profit. That isn’t to say that the days of your average stay at home miner are over, not by far. With new chains needing more P2P network participants than ever, now is a good time to get into the game with some of the smaller coins available on the market.

Coders and junior programmers

Naturally, in the tech world there is always going to be the need for code writers. This specialized employment is key to the further development of the sector and is the driving force behind the whole industry. New coders are coming out of technical colleges day after day and looking for jobs in innovational industries like blockchain, and the need for this kind of specialized work is on the grow. Day to day development of source code creates new and improved technology for a variety of improvements like better user interface, larger storage of data and increased safety on the chain. These jobs are what makes the industry increasingly more lucrative; your skills could be the key to future successes in the blockchain world.


Of course, we cannot speak about the increase in need for coders and programmers without speaking about the enormous need for highly qualified developers. The project managers of the tech world, developers oversee the creation, development and maintenance of cryptos and blockchains alike. With the ever expanding global interest in the use of blockchain, from individual up to upper corporate levels, there is an explosion in the need for good developers to create new currencies or take over projects that are already in motion. Some of the salaries connected to these jobs match those of some CEOs, depending on the size and return of the project at hand. One way or another, the need for highly skilled developers has created opportunities with earnings that are not generally seen anywhere else, in the tech sector or otherwise.

We are also seeing an increase in the blockchain world of totally independent developers making their way without the backing of big business. This in of itself creates highly lucrative and satisfying, if not busy, young entrepreneurs. People are full of good ideas and if you have the skills and ideas to innovate new and ingenious technological breakthroughs, you could be the next great CEO of this industry.

So as you can see the market is hungry for eager young minds who are skilled and talented. If you think that you have what it takes to break into the blockchain game, whether on your own or through a big company, this industry is ready to grow. Big tech companies may have paved the way for great opportunities but blockchain is here and now, without the pretention of companies like Facebook and Apple. Our suggestion to you is to look online and find your place in the open world of blockchain, there are so many options out there that you are bound to find a space to call home.

Today we’ve spoken about some of the opportunities available in this new industry, it is on the grow at this time and is only becoming more lucrative. Of course, there are plenty of other openings available around the world in this sector but these are some of the most obvious ones. If you have some of the skills mentioned above, then the blockchain world may be the place for you!

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