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Our goals

We are constantly working to make ILCOIN a leading cryptocurrency used by millions of people all over the world. We are committed to place ILCOIN’s technology as the best SHA-256 based cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to develop a revolutionary Decentralized Blockchain System while having ILCOIN as a stable, safe and widely-accepted payment method behind it. One of the most important segments of the coin’s usage is in the gaming industry. At present, we have both mobile and VR games, and we are planning to launch NFT’s soon.

Wrapped ILCOIN (WILC) is the first step for bridging our blockchain to the Ethereum Network. With the implementation of the DCB, our SHA-256 project becomes a hybrid system by using Solidity.


Our Team

The ILCOIN Development Team is a young and dynamic start-up company committed to building, developing and maintaining a global, digital currency-based economic system and community. Every day, our Team labours to discover exceptional business and technological innovations to make all of our goals become a reality.

Our Team consists of highly-qualified professionals forming an exceptional community of IT, business and financial experts; all being engaged to develop a world-class blockchain system that will revolutionize, not only the cryptocurrency market, but the blockchain industry as a whole.

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    Ramiro Faro Vélez

    CEO at SYDYG

  • Norbert Goffa

    Executive Manager
    Director at ALLONN Consulting FZC

  • Horatiu Dan

    Business Manager

  • Alyona Karpinskaya

    PR Advisor

  • Dupro

    Support & Technical Partner

  • Kieu Van (Kclound)

    Support Partner

  • Erald Cipi

    Community Manager

  • Hanna

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Spidey

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Sarah Bautista

    Telegram Supporter

Independent CORE developers

  • Batmin


  • Thor


  • Knull


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  • Albert Rot


  • Mr. T


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Technical & Maintenance team

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    Da Boss

    Evil warlord

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    As himself

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    General Bear

    Warfare strategist

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Development Partners


Honorable Dev Team Member & Owner of PlusBit Project



    Legal&Technical Partner

    SYDYG acquired ownership ILCOIN’s source code in August of 2017 with the intention of continuing the development of the unique blockchain technology which it is known for today. Over the past years, it has played a prominent role not only in technological innovations but also in the involvement of related resources. Moreover, its cooperation with project-related partners contributes to the market development of ILCOIN. ILCOIN’s decentralization has also been thanks to SYDYG, who uploaded the source code to GitHub in March 2019. ILCOIN and the ILCOIN Development Team brand are the exclusive property of SYDYG.

  • ALLONN Consulting FZC

    Business Partner

    ALLONN has played an important role in the formation of the ILCOIN Blockchain Project and its related marketing and business development processes. As an official representative of the ILCOIN Development Team, it contributes to the development of the project in the media and on social media sites, as well. Furthermore, it also takes part in signing project-related business agreements.

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Dev Timeline

For COVID-19 reasons, some developments may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

August 2014

Crypto Source Code

We are starting to code the first Source Code with SHA-256 PoW.

October 2014

First Mining Pool

We are setting up the first mining pool and ensuring correct operation.

January 2015

First Crypto

We are successfully mining the first block of our recently developed SHA-256 PoW cryptocurrency.

March 2015

First QT Wallet

We are developing the first QT Wallet in order to catch up with the basic necessities of a serious cryptocurrency.

August 2015

Block Explorer

We are creating the first block explorer (beta version) for our first cryptocurrency.

January 2016

Block Explorer

We are releasing our first created block explorer after several months of testing.

May 2016

Android Wallet

We are developing the first version of our Android wallet.

September 2016

Web Wallet

We are creating the web wallet to have a more serious development in terms of our assets.

January 2017

Full Nodes

We are installing full nodes to make the communication of the blockchain optimal.

May 2017

Upgrade of the Source

We are upgrading the Source Code according to the new modifications and needs of the technology, solving mostly communication ports.

June 2017

Android Wallet 2.0

We are developing a brand-new Android wallet, with a new design and better UX and UI.

July 2017

Web Wallet 2.0

We are increasing the security level of the platform, creating a new design, and improving UI and UX.

August 2017

Windows QT 2.0

We are upgrading the old Windows QT to accommodate for the updated source code.

September 2017


We realize that not only is it necessary to have a Windows QT but also to have a QT for OSX.

November 2017

Block Explorer 2.0

We are upgrading the old Block Explorer: new design, easier to use, the ability to check the amount in crypto and in fiat, link to the BTC Block Explorer.

January 2018

ILC/BTC Android Wallet

We are developing the new Android wallet: multi-address and multi-wallet, (the best part) it’s a cold storage so the owner of the wallet is the only one who has the private key.

February 2018

Mining Pool

We are creating our own mining pool software, with the possibility to connect mining equipment with SHA-256 Algorithm for PoW cryptocurrencies.

March 2018

Experiment in SHA-256

We are beginning a project to improve the SHA-256 PoW blockchain. First, we take a closer look at solving the scalability issue; a situation that concerns everyone in the crypto-world. After, we start to look for a way to add another layer to the basic and reliable blockchain.

March 2019


We are inventing a new security protocol which fully prevents the 51% attack issue for PoW cryptocurrencies.

April 2019

Audit of the C2P

C2P technology is getting audited by PALO ALTO Networks Partner, confirming the excellence of C2P.

July 2019

First Mobile Game

In order to deliver a new and exciting platform to our community and also to attract interest in our technology, we decide to release a mobile game.

July 2019

DApp competition

The ILCOIN Development team is announcing a DApp development competition on the ILCOIN Blockchain system.

August 2019

First VR game

We start the development of the world’s first blockchain-based VR game. The goal is an adaptive examination of the blockchain technology in terms of VR and AI-based utilization opportunities.

September 2019

Clash agreement

We are signing an agreement with one of the famous game developers to produce a "clash" game (one of the world's most popular mobile game genres). This will begin joint game development and strategic co-operation where one of the objectives is ILCOIN's further integration into the mobile game market.

October-November 2019

Rift Protocol

We continue to upgrade our blockchain and develop a new cutting edge technology; a protocol for data transmission.

November 2019

5GB on the live net

The 5GB block is being verified for the first time in the world by the ILCOIN Blockchain Project, which can be seen on the ILCOIN blockexplorer: 310280 block height.

December 2019

First step of smart contract

We are constructing the development steps of the smart contract system with respect to the functionalities of the RIFT Protocol and DCB. The adaptation of the system is the most important objective, whose basis is the use of the Solidity programming language.

December 2019

PoS terminal

The PoS terminal – as a direct result of the DApp development competition – is available in the Google Play Store.

January 2020

Update of our Mobile Game

Bigger and meaner: The game continues to gain levels with more exciting and difficult challenges. Also, new functionalities are coming with the update of this app.

January 2020

ILCOIN Paper Wallet

The ILCOIN Paper Wallet created by an external DApp partner becomes available to users. As a result, the number of partners developing for ILCOIN further increases.

February 2020

Audit of the RIFT

RIFT technology is getting audited by PALO ALTO Networks Partner, confirming the excellence of RIFT. /p>

February 2020

Web Wallet 2FA

We are launching a security upgrade of the Web Wallet2.0, which includes the 2FA function.

February 2020

First step of DCB

DCB developments begin while taking the adaptive approach into account while considering the smart contract developments that take place simultaneously. DCB’s technological adaptation plays a primary role in the implementation of the platform; therefore, the use of Solidity of smart contracts would provide a proper foundation for widespread adaptation.

April 2020

Specification of smart contract

We start to define the second steps of the Smart Contracts. As the Smart Contract system is based on the Solidity programming language, the possibility for efficient technological adaptation to other systems is given.

May 2020

Second VR game

We are starting the development of its second VR-based game whose goal is a more complex technological examination from an adaptive utilization standpoint.

May 2021

Launch of WILC

Wrapped ILCOIN, or WILC, provides interoperability between the ILCOIN and Ethereum networks and relies on cross-chain solutions to ensure liquidity availability and the development of DeFi applications.

August 2021

Data storage testing on the live chain

We are starting tests for our new upgrade: the possibility to upload a large amount of data. This includes a new set of rules in the blockchain and new block size, too.

September 2021

E-Book: The Building Blocks of Blockchain is ready

The first e-book created by the ILCOIN team is here. Download it on Amazon! In this beginner's guide to the blockchain, you will learn all about the complex and intricate world of the technology.

November 2021

DCB testing on live chain

The DCB is ready for testing on the live chain. The first transaction may be checked by ILCOIN’s users.

December 2021

DCB industrial integration tests

Our ambition is not only to make a great technology for ILCOIN but also to offer an improved, richer experience while using the blockchain. The essence of technological adaptation is that ILCOIN, thanks to Solidity, can be adapted to technological solutions like the Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS, or SAP.

December 2021

Test of tokenization of DCB

We are testing the DCB tokenization system and the development of utilization-related specifications.

December 2021

World Tournament of Clas

We are introducing World Tournament by the support of Clash. We ensure full utilization of the ILCOIN cryptocurrency amongst Clash users via an announced competition where every Clash game participates and players have the chance to acquire ILCOIN through the game.

January 2022

Data token is launched

The opportunity for the generation of the world’s first DATA Token becomes possible. Token may not only be used as a financial product but also as a data storage possibility by the creator of the Token. This is a very unique approach that no other project possesses in the world.

January 2022

Clash of ILCOIN

The ILCOIN brand and one of the famous game developers launch "Clash of ILCOIN" as joint development. "Clash" is one of the world's most popular mobile game genres.

March 2022

Industrial Integration of DCB

We are completing DCB’s full economic and industrial integration process; the efficient integration of on-chain and off-chain based data storage, and all related tokenization processes, into other blockchain systems.

April 2022

PoW utilization

The adaptive introduction of AI-based utilization possibilities of the POW consensus on the ILCOIN system is taking place.

May 2022

DCB upgrade

AR & VR – You can easily create and run browser-based 3D, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) applications.

June 2022

DCB upgrade

Blockchain - It allows for easily building scalable blockchain and ledger solutions – Tokenization2.0.

June 2022

DCB upgrade

We are introducing Developer Tools – host code, build, test, and deploy your applications to AWS.

August 2022

DCB upgrade

Internet of Things – We are delivering IoT services for industrial, consumer, and commercial solutions.

October 2022

DCB upgrade

Machine learning – We are putting machine learning in the hands of every developer.

December 2022

DCB upgrade

Robotics – We are simulating and deploying robotic applications at cloud scale.

February 2023

DCB upgrade

AI + Machine learning – We are creating the next generation of applications using artificial intelligence capabilities for any developer and any scenario.

February 2023

DCB upgrade

Analytics – You can gather, store, process, analyze, and visualize data of any variety, volume, or velocity.

April 2023

DCB upgrade

Containers – It lets you develop and manage your containerized applications faster with integrated tools.

July 2023

DCB upgrade

Identity – You can manage user identities and access to protect against advanced threats across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure.

September 2023

DCB upgrade

Internet of Things – You can bring IoT to any device and any platform, without changing your infrastructure.

November 2023

DCB upgrade

Media – You can deliver high-quality video content anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

January 2024

DCB upgrade

Mixed Reality – You can blend your physical and digital worlds to create immersive, collaborative experiences.

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