ILCOIN Blockchain Technology

The ILCOIN blockchain is a revolutionary on-chain data storage system; developed not only to provide a strong foundation for the ILCOIN cryptocurrency, but also to open up a wide range of possibilities for exceptionally safe yet transparent data storage, establishment of various smart contract systems and the launch of innovative decentralized applications running on our blockchain systems.


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To get to know ILCOIN better, read our documents.


What started as an alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), today, has built its own unique blockchain network. Our blockchain network is a revolutionary Decentralized Cloud Blockchain System where on-chain data storage is secured and managed by a quantum resistant SHA-256 Command Chain Protocol (C2P). The ILCOIN Blockchain System has not only effectively future-proofed itself against impending threats of quantum computing, but also is proven to be immune to malicious, third-party 51% attacks.

smart contract

Defensive Blockchain Approach

Transparency has no value without sufficient security as stealing information carries the same level of problems as its counterpart forgery does...

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Access to the DCB gets realized via a decentralized system that requires a strong presence of security coupled with appropriate block size...

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smart contract


Can any blockchain system be even more safe and secured? At ILCOIN Development Team we have no doubt that the answer is YES! Our Team is committed...

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smart contract

Rift Protocol

Other questions frequently mentioned when talking about blockchain technologies are the issues of scalability and synchronization. One of the...

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Decentralized Cloud Blockchain

The Decentralized Cloud Blockchain (DCB) is the world’s first data storage platform based on a decentralized blockchain system. DCB relies on storing data using an on-chain system; built on the SHA-256 ILCOIN Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain System. With the emergence of this revolutionary solution, new dimensions open up for blockchain usage potential. This allows a wider range of data storage possibilities, including, but not limited to, videos, pictures or any other digital content. The platform bears exceptional business potential as safe, secured and transparent on-chain based data storage is an issue that no other project has been able to solve.


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