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Our goals

We are constantly working to make ILCoin a leading cryptocurrency used by millions of people all over the world. We are committed to place ILCoin among the 10 most utilized cryptocurrencies in the world.

Our mission is to develop a revolutionary Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain System while having ILCoin as a stable, safe and widely accepted payment method behind it.

Dev Timeline

August 2014

Crypto Source Code

Start to code the first Source Code with SHA-256 PoW

October 2014

1st Mining Pool

Set up of the first mining pool and ensure correct operation

January 2015

First Crypto

Successfully mined the first block of our recently developed SHA-256 PoW cryptocurrency

March 2015

First QT Wallet

Develop first QT Wallet in order to catch up with the basic necessities of a serious cryptocurrency

August 2015

Block Explorer

Creation of the first block explorer (beta version) for our first cryptocurrency

January 2016

Block Explorer

Releasing of our first created block explorer after several months of testing

May 2016

Android Wallet

Develop the first version of our Android wallet

September 2016

Web Wallet

Creation of the web wallet to have a more serious development in terms of our assets

January 2017

Full Nodes

Installing of full nodes to make the communication of the blockchain optimal

May 2017

Upgrade of the Source

Upgrading the Source Code according to the new modifications and needs of the technology, solving mostly communication ports

June 2017

Android Wallet 2.0

Develop a brand new Android wallet, with new design and better UX and UI

July 2017

Web Wallet 2.0

Increasing of the security level of the platform, new design, improvement of the UI and UX

August 2017

Windows QT 2.0

Upgrade of the old Windows QT to accommodate for the updated source code

September 2017


We realized that not only was it necessary to have a Windows QT but also to have a QT for OSX

November 2017

Block Explorer 2.0

Upgrade of the old Block Explorer: new design, easier to use, ability to check the amount in crypto and in fiat, link to the BTC Block Explorer

January 2018

ILC/BTC Android Wallet

Development of the new Android wallet: multi address and multi wallet, (the best part) its a cold storage so the owner of the wallet is the only one who has the private key

February 2018

Mining Pool

Creation of cur own mining pool software, with the possibility to connect mining equipment for SHA-256 Algorithm for PoW cryptocurrencies

March 2018

Experiment in SHA-256

Began a project for improving the SHA-256 PoW blockchain. First, we took a closer look at solving the scalability issue; a situation that concerns everyone in the crypto world. After, we began finding a way to add another layer to the basic and reliable blockchain

March 2019


Invented a new security protocol which fully prevents the 51% attack issue for PoW cryptocurrencies

July 2019

First Mobile Game

In order to have a new and exciting platform for our community and also to attract interest in our technology, we decided to release a mobile game

October-November 2019

Rift Protocol

Continue upgrading our blockchain and developing a new cutting edge technology: a protocol for data transmission

December 2019

Experiment of the Smart Contracts with Rift Protocol

Testing of our newest, important addition to the blockchain and will include 5 predefined Smart Contracts in order to test the stability of the network, and continue with our progress in this technology

January 2020

Update of our Mobile Game

Bigger and meaner: the game will continue gaining levels with more exciting and difficult challenges. Also, new functionalities will come with the update of this app

March 2020

New Mobile Game Realese

Only one game isn't good enough for our community! We decided to give them another. Enjoy great graphics, but also with the possibility to use our crypto like an in-game currency so they can get mean stuff form our store

April 2020

Smart Contracts

Release of our Smart Contract system; continuing with the belief that SHA-256 PoW is the best option for the crypto world

August 2020

Data storage testing on the live chain

Starting tests of our new upgrade: the possibility to upload large amount of data. This includes a new set of rules in the blockchain and also a new block size

September 2020

Data interface testing and development onchain

After the successful upload of the data on our blockchain, the next step is to create an interface so all of our users can have a great UX

October 2020

DCB finalization and bug testing

After the interface, our attention will be focused on cleaning the system from bugs so we can deliver a complete, state-of-the-art technology

December 2020

Releasing DCB

We will release our new tech so the community can use it and enjoy all of the possibilities DCB has to offer. DCB will give us a substantial leap in blockchain technology

February 2021

Application tests for DCB DApps

Bigger is better! Since the idea of uploading your data in the most secure way ever is not enough for us, we also decided to create DApps for our new system

May 2021

New Mobile Game

Two is very good, but three is far better! We know everyone likes to play games and also win money while playing. As with the first two, everyone will enjoy our faucet game with a great story surrounding it

July 2021

DCB industrial integration tests

Our ambition is not only to make a great technology for ILCoin, but to make an improved and richer experience while using the blockchain


Our Team

The ILCoin Development Team is a young and dynamic start-up company committed to building, developing and maintaining a global, digital currency-based economic system and community. Every day, our Team labours to discover exceptional business and technological innovations to make all of our goals become a reality.

Our Team consists of highly-qualified professionals forming an exceptional community of IT, business and financial experts; all being engaged to develop a world-class blockchain system that will revolutionize, not only the cryptocurrency market, but the blockchain industry as a whole.

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